Live & Studio Setup:

Guitars: Custom built Strat with original Floyd Rose trem and EMG Pickups (85X/89X)

ESP built Custom Stratocaster now with John Suhr & DiMarzio Pickups

Fender Classic Player 60's Stratocaster with Fender Custom Shop Pickups

Takamine G Series Acoustic

Bluguitar AMP 1
Zoom A3 (for Acoustic Guitar)

Suhr Badger 30 Head (Sold)

Cabs: Bluguitar 1x12 Nanocab
2x Suhr 1x12 Cabs loaded with Celestion Type Speakers (Sold)


Effects (1998): Boss DD-2 Digital Delay (modded), Boss CE-2 Chorus (modded), Boss DS-1 (modded), Boss GE-7 (modded - not shown), LockOn Tuner, Crybaby Wah (modded by Roger Mayer), Custom Power Supply

Limehouse Lizzy Pedalboard (1996 - 1998)

Effects (2010): Boss DD-2 Digital Delay (modded), Boss DD-20 Digital Delay, Boss CE-2 Chorus (modded), MXR Micro Chorus, MXR Phase 90 (Script logo), ProCo Rat II (modded), Fulltone OCD Overdrive, Xotic BB Preamp, BBE Sonic Stomp, LockOn Tuner, Crybaby Wah (modded), Vox 847 Wah (modded), Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+

Pedalboard 2009-2010

Effects (2011-2012): TC Electronic Flashback Delay, MXR Micro Chorus, TC Electronic Polytune, MXR Phase 90 (Script logo), Suhr Riot, Carl Martin PlexiTone, Vox 847 Wah (modded)

Pedalboard 2011-2012

Effects (2013-2014): Korg Pitchblack, TC Electronic Flashback Delay, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, Tech 21 Blonde, Bogner Ecstasy Red, Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi, Bogner Ecstasy Blue, Vox 847 Wah (modded) + Torpedo C.A.B.

Effects (2015-2016): Korg Pitchblack, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, TC Electronic Spark, Xotic SL Drive, Centaurus (Klon), Xotic SP Compressor, Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah + Bluguitar AMP 1

Strings: Ernie Ball - Hybrid Slinky 09-46 (Bottom Heavy)

Picks: Jim Dunlop - Jazz III XL, 1.4mm (for Rock), Jim Dunlop - Tortex, 1.00mm (for other)